Join a trip to the renowned hotspot for an in-water up-close experience with the Basking Sharks in Oban that ties in with the yearly migration.

The waters of the Hebrides are home to the migration of the amazing gentle giants that are the Basking Sharks of Scotland. They predictably migrate through the area each year between April to October.

The Basking Sharks are usually found in open water. But they move inland closer to shores during the summer months. During this time they can be seen feeding with their huge toothless mouths wide open. They are plankton feeders which have been under protection since the 1990s. This was instigated after a dramatic decline in the population due to hunting.

There are limited Eco tours that allow in water interactions with these amazing sharks. Interactions can be by snorkelling, kayaking or viewing from a boat. The guides are all marine biologists and are happy to provide detailed lectures and information as needed. The tour optimises the time spent searching for the sharks to give all guests the best chance to have an interaction.

Other marine life in the area includes playful seals, dolphins and puffins and there is even a wreck dive.

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Basking Shark in Scotland

Basking Shark tours are a unique and specialised tour offered in the Hebridean islands close to Oban in Scotland.

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Basking Sharks of Scotland

Take the opportunity to enjoy a tour that is truly unique. The basking sharks of Scotland have a predictable schedule during their migration where you have an excellent chance to them in their natural environment. You do not need to be a diver, the interactions are surface-based, but should have a good level of health to snorkel with these gentle giants.

Best Time To Go

The basking sharks are present in the waters around the Hebrides from April to October each year. The high season for sightings is between June to September before the migration begins.

To see the Puffins, then you should plan a visit before mid-August.

How to Get There

The trips with the Basking Sharks depart from Oban which is a 2-3 hour drive from either of the two main airports of Scotland Edinburgh or Glasgow. There is also a direct rail service from Glasgow.

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