Travel and Dive Insurance

Can you go on holiday without a worry?

Diving is relaxing and joyful but also exhilarating and exciting, it is a very safe sport when practised responsibly. Nonetheless, accidents happen, so you should make sure you do not have any surprises when it comes to insurance coverage while diving at home or on holiday. Medical evacuation and repatriation, hyperbaric treatments or other medical treatments can be very expensive, astronomical in some cases.

In the occasion of an accident, you want to feel safe and looked after and receive the best medical treatment and overseen by experts in scuba diving medicine. This kind of assistance is generally not covered by your medical or health insurance provider.

We have partnered up with DiveAssure, who offers a variety of excellent Insurance and Assistance plans, on several levels, to cover your needs while travelling and diving at home or abroad.

All member plans include direct payment to service providers, primary coverage, no depth limit and much more.

DiveAssure has both short-term and annual coverage options for more information about its excellent dive travel and accident insurance.

Dive & Travel Coverage


The Dive Travel Coverage is for any type of holidays outside your country of residence. Diving holidays are like a typical vacation, although, the focus is on diving and this demands some additional membership benefits. Plans cover both diving and non-diving related accidents, evacuations and medical expenses, hyperbaric treatments, trip interruption, trip cancellation, missed a connection, baggage loss and much more.

This plan gives you the full coverage you want for your dive vacation.

Their Dive & Travel PLUS provides premium coverage for international trips and liveaboard vacations.

This plan secures your investment in your liveaboard trip – if you miss your liveaboard departure or lose diving days due to illness, boat issues etc, you will be covered! We recommend getting this plan.

Dive & Travel Plus includes:

  • Highest travel insurance limits
  • Diving and non-diving related trips
  • Trip cancellation up to $/€10,000 per trip
  • Trip interruption up to $/€5,000 per trip
  • Missed flights or flight connections up to $/€1,000
  • Premium coverage for lost diving days, including inclement weather, medical inability to dive, mechanical breakdown of Liveaboard vessel or air supply, and much more
  • Lost/delayed diving gear $/€5,000
  • Lost/delayed baggage $/€2,500
  • Worldwide medical evacuation $/€500,000
  • Supervision and consultation during emergencies by Duke Dive Medicine
  • Direct payment to service providers
  • Full Liveaboard coverage including trip cost when missing your Liveaboard departure (various reasons)
  • Short-term and long term plans available for an unlimited number of trips
  • 10% family discount

For more information on coverage and to purchase for your cruise please click on the image.

Images are provided by DiveAssure