The 10 Best Places to Dive in October

Many places around the world are open for great dives in October each year. Read about the 10 best places to dive in October, or if you want some exciting destinations in November please click here, or for the yearly calendar click here


Indonesia offers excellent diving with many different locations to explore.

Komodo is still coming to the end of its high season and offers stunning diving within the national park. Bali and Komodo offer sightings of mola mola and fantastic muck dives. Wakatobi
has some of the most pristine reefs on the planet offering fantastic dives with amazing coral and macro life. Northern Sulawesi is photographer’s heaven for macro and her many walls.

Raja Ampat scuba diving destination


Baja Mexico whale spotting season starts in October. Here sightings of humpbacks, minke, pilot, orcas and potentially blue whales can be seen from now to April. Guests have the possibility of swimming with these amazing creatures during the cruise and enjoying dives with playful sea lions and other marine life in this aquarium-like sea. Socorro season is coming to an end in November so join a cruise this month.

Mexico scuba destination destination


The Philippines has over 7,000 islands so has seasons that span throughout the year over the many dive locations. October brings the best destination to the Visayan region. The area is generally protected from the typhoons which end here in October and move to the Sulu Sea and Tubbataha. Malapascua’s famous Monad shoals offer thresher shark sightings, and the Southern Leyte area has whale sharks within Sogod bay.

Philippines scuba diving destination


Baa Atoll is the place to be for manta ray enthusiasts in October when you need to head for Hanifaru Bay in Baa Atoll. May to November has the southwest monsoon which results in a lunar tide, providing a massive amount of plankton inside the bay. This results in the plankton feeders congregating there, meaning you may encounter up to 200 manta rays and possibly whale sharks while snorkelling there.

Maldives Far North Destination


Oman is newer to the liveaboard scene and their diving season starts in October around the Musandam, Daymaniyat and Hallaniyat Islands. Diving is pristine, remote and relatively untouched as it is off the beaten track. During this month air temperatures are pleasant, and it is one of the best times to spot whale sharks.

Oman Dive Destination


The National Marine parks of Similan and Surin open in October, after the six-month monsoon season makes them impossible to dive. Join a cruise to these fantastic islands before the crowds start at the start of the high season. Explore the dive sites which look like new as they have not been seen for the last six months.

Liveaboard Diving Thailand - leopard shark


In October the weather conditions and winds change in Seychelles making it the perfect time to join a liveaboard cruise to this exotic destination. The islands have two trade winds which govern their weather and these drop in October and April making these the optimal months, with excellent visibility and warm temperatures.

Seychelles scuba diving destination


Rowley Shoals in Australia has a short season due to the weather and its remote location, and November is the endpoint for this. Join a cruise to the three coral atolls which offer aquarium-like sightings with hundreds of fish and coral species.

Costa Rica

Although the Cocos islands are still in the wet season, the diving conditions are still excellent. This is because the extra rainfall causes runoff of nutrients into the ocean, which in turn brings in the marine life and attracts the predators to feast on the fish.

Cocos Island scuba diving destination


Just northwest of Oman, Sudan is also entering its high season. You will experience pleasant air temperatures and find tremendous pelagic marine life present. Thresher sharks and manta rays are spotted during October and November.

Sudan scuba diving destination